On the 1st of July in Abromiškės will be hundreds of hikers and cyclists who will participate in the hike of “Green Devil’s paths”, devoted to honour the Great Battle’s military district’s guerrilla leader Jonas Misiūnas – Green Devil and the guerrillas.

For the 6th time the hike is organized by Abromiškės community and the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ volunteer developers union of Vilnius County. In 2016 there were more than 800 participants and the numbers increase yearly. There are warriors of Lithuanian Armed Forces and NATO among participants. Each year the routes of the hike are different. This year participants will travel in the territory of historic park of Abromiškės and regional parks of Aukštadvaris.

Hike participants can choose one of five routes:

  • Short (family) walking route of 12 km
  • Average walking route of 22 km
  • Long walking route of 42 km
  • Short cycling track of 40 km
  • Long cycling track of 73 km


Along the hike’s route will appear theatrical reconstruction points where participants will be able to rest, freshen up and acquire practical and historical knowledge. During the hike it is suggested not to compete with each other, but to travel calmly and enjoy the landscapes.


Having finished the route, participants will need more strengths because there will be  a cultural and concert part of programme. There will be solemn ceremony of flag raising, craft workshops, laser shooting activity, entertainments for children in the barn square.


The fee for a hike participant is 6 EUR for adults, 4 EUR for minors and it is paid in cash upon the arrival to the final registration place.

  • After leaving or not completing the hike, the fee is not returned.
  • The fee doubles after the registration later than 26th of June.
  • Families that participate with three or more children, youngsters of Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, children from children’s house, foreign Lithuanians and people with disabilities are exempt from fees.
  • Participants will have discount for food.
  • Part of the funds collected from starting fees will be allocated to:
  • to support injured soldiers of Lithuanian army;
  • for the event “In Memoriam” organised by the women of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Birutė’s soldiers’ families. The money collected during the event will be allocated to families of Lithuanian army’s soldiers who died in 2017;
  • To neaten the memory places of guerrillas Didžiosios Kovos apygardos



  • There will be points of control along the hike routes (with a possibility to refill water);
  • Each participant is obligated to have the participant passport during the whole hike;
  • The hike route is marked with arrows.

Resting places

  • Participants plan their resting time during the hike on their own;
  • Hike participants have to take care of their water supply themselves. However, it is possible to refill water at the control points and from the local people.


“My strengths and deeds for Homeland Freedom and Well-being!”